Diabetes Breakthrough

I know for certain it’s better to live right than to accept what you think is right. I’m trying to be nice to this man and all he wants from me is a place to stay, take a bath, wash his clothes and stay in the streets making his money. In return he saves his money so he can get high with the women he met on Facebook, Dating sites Instagram etc. on the weekend but will tell me how much he loves me no matter what size I am how much money I make ,or how good I look he only feeds me never pays a bill here when I ask him he say he will take care of it but when payday comes he gets amnesia saying I didn’t ask him for money if so he would give it in a flash. Ladies that’s the game men are trying to play these days always be aware of these young guys coming on to older women trying to give this line like they are the best thing happen to you which they are nothing you better take care of yourself. These men are sexing other men it’s really serious with this problem they look straight but gay and bisexual to the max they never lied about the rough niggas they really are into other men sucking the life out of them no woman can top how a man will suck a man so ladies stop trying. Always want to hang with his homeboy and get mad when I say he getting dick down by him. I once saw the dude come to the house with his homeboy and homeboy left with someone else but was coming back but dude looked out the window every second like he was looking for his woman. This man got it bad for the next man and will defend him if you talk about homeboy, the way he acts that is the way you act when you looking for a woman. I just shook my head his brother and longtime friend also know he gay but dude will deny it to the end and will sex a woman like he normal, he only wants it from the back so he can think of dude he hitting from the back door he calls it. Ladies stop letting these rough dudes say to you that you will miss out it only means he got a dude doing what you won’t do for him.

Diabetes Breakthrough

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