Alcohol Free Forever

People love to drink and forget what they did the next day sometimes even the same day. Never argue with a drunk person you would lose no matter what is said the imagination on drunks is far fetched. There was a time when the air conditioner was cut off by a drunk person but never remembered doing it swore you down he didn’t do it but really did do it how the memory fades. I’m just wondering if you drink and forget why do it you need your mind for more details that are important. I just laugh at situations people take themselves through just to get drunk makes no sense.If that is a sign of fun I never want that kind of fun then they get so drunk and want to give you a sermon on how they feel the days they are with you. If you don’t listen you never loved them and they would be better off sleeping in the car or living in filth that is where the person is the happiest. I never heard of such a thing this person has been through a lot only because he allowed himself to be. Everyone has a choice to do whatever they want with their life no matter what it is ,but if you are an alcoholic all you want to do is drink and have pity on yourself. People who fall for that will fall for anything that is a mind thing alcoholics will put on you. I cant feel guilty if all you want to do is make yourself miserable and tear your insides up just to have fun. Trying to mess with people minds is terrible try something else with me I have dealt with other people like that who has things under control.

How to Stop Drinking

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