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Improving Website

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Kash Pals Founder & Owner of: Best Places of Interest Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life, Fashion & Style, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Home & Gardening, Successful Living and Travel Writer How would you know whether you have well-constructed website design? It takes a mix of many variables […]

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Being a Uber Driver


I just started driving for Uber and it was scary the first passenger I picked up but as we drove to her destination she warmed up to me and we started talking about a lot of different stuff “oh my word” it was a great experience to have a customer answer questions about things you are scared to do. When she got out of the car I swiped my phone to the right for ending ride your payment is calculated right there in seconds. So as I drove to the “High In Demand” area there was another alert to pick up another passenger I slid my phone to the left to accept the rider. It was a student going home from school as he got in we spoke I slid the phone to the right to start the drive, it was a 30-40 minute ride you have a map of where…

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Uber Driving is the Best

There is a great new driving position by the name of Uber it has changed my life forever. I am my own boss go online whenever I want I even rent a vehicle from Enterprise weekly no more than $250 including insurance. They even let you lease cell phones so you can go to work immediately all you need is 2 bills that are paid to rent with a debit card, the 2 are light bill or cable bill or cell phone bill if you have a credit card you don’t need 2 bills that are paid, the only office that rents cars in Miami is 1100 north west 42nd avenue. The people who work there are very friendly and nice when you get there be expecting to wait 2-3 hours that’s how long it takes because uber has to get your permission to pay Enterprise directly out of your account for the rental each week. So there is no excuse for not working you can easily make $200 weekly its how you drive and how far too, I once drove a man from Miami Beach to Lantana which netted me $50 after Uber took 10% that day and you see how much you made after each ride there is nothing hidden you even get back the toll charges. My code to join Uber is PRQ41 trust me on this I drove for 16 years and I am so relaxed and stress free its crazy. The only thing I don’t like is they will give you riders back to back and you have to cancel them because your car is only so big they will tell you  cancelling is bad, you get ratings and people can rate you so be kind to all no matter what they will shut you down. I was shut down 2 times and was sick about it I love driving no matter who or where I drive it puts me in a needed situation and I love helping others I make sure they get inside safe even sometimes take them to the right location because sometimes the GPS is not right and trying to find the people is sometimes time consuming that’s another reason you cant get another rider because you still have the previous passenger.

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